Who we are

Millions of users every day. 180 solutions in 34 countries on four continents. 1000 specialists shaping the digitalisation of the automotive trade. This is Porsche Informatik.

We combine decades of expertise in IT and the car trade with a holistic vision for the digital transformation of our industry.

Ready for change

Our agility is based on a modular system landscape and a learning organisation. This guarantees continuity, while also facilitating the transformational and disruptive business development of our customers.

Our open-source strategy for tailor-made applications creates a clear competitive advantage for the car dealerships, importers and financial service providers who depend on our systems around the world.

Future by Design

We are trendsetter and innovation driver: We build on proven state-of-the-art technologies, such as Java, TypeScript and Cloud, as well as development and operating methods such as Co-Creation and DevOps. And we engage intensively in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Virtual Reality, Voice Interface and more.

Focused on the customer

Our solutions are always centered on our customers: We design our solutions and processes to meet their requirements. Regardless of the channel they use to search for vehicles or services – we ensure that our systems offer a seamless experience.

Porsche Informatik is a subsidiary of Porsche Holding Salzburg, the largest and most successful car trading company in Europe. We have been a part of the Volkswagen Group since March 2011.

POI France

To offer businesses already working with CROSS a new, higher quality service. To offer car dealerships optimum advice and support in all aspects of the CROSS product. To accompany those who choose CROSS with a perfect rollout process to ensure a smooth system conversion. These are the goals of POI France.
Their achievement is ensured by French project managers and consultants who are well acquainted with the local circumstances and, above all, have comprehensive product knowledge.

Fit for “Future Retail” and digital transformation

Thanks to our close relationship with the manufacturers, we are directly involved in Volkswagen Group’s strategies for the future. This guarantees that the CROSS product will always comply with all forthcoming manufacturer and market requirements.

The Porsche Informatik DNA – our blueprint for success

Commitment: “An agreement made is an agreement kept – but if it becomes impossible to fulfil, I actively inform my all those affected at soon as possible.”
Responsibility: “I act to the best of my knowledge and take decisions in the interests of our company and our customers. I actively decide whether further people need to be informed and involved.”
Appreciation: “We communicate with each other as equals. I treat the opinions of customers and colleagues with respect.”
Exploit opportunities: “I strive for constant innovation – even on a small scale – and use my creative freedom in an entrepreneurial way. We see mistakes as an opportunity to learn from them.”
Competence: “For us, competence is the combination of automotive business expertise, methodological know-how and IT skills. Taking responsibility for continuously improving my skills and knowledge is a matter of course.”


In the 60 years since it was founded, Porsche Holding has acquired an outstanding reputation in more than 20 European countries, in China and in South America. Social responsibility and high ethical standards have made Porsche Holding what it is today: the most successful car distributor in Europe.

For Porsche Holding, as a globally active company, compliance means that in addition to obeying the law, employees also observe far more extensive moral principles. These principles are outlined in the company’s own Code of Conduct. They apply implicitly at all Group levels and in all countries where Porsche Holding operates.
Link: Code of Conduct of Porsche Holding

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